Meet about Cord Blood Bank

Tech Team

The cord blood bank team is formed by experienced medical professional and modern science technicians. Our information carefully selected to give you all the required data in the cryopreservation process of newborn tissues and cells.

Primary Objectives


Our primary objective is the continuation of the research and human development, analyzing and using cryopreservation, experts in the culture of cells around the world, involved in modern biological development.

Our job

Our job is to raise public and community awareness, finding any relevant data about the availability of cryogenic storage of stem cells and tissues harvested from placentas and umbilical cords.


Links to the world’s most used blood banks, showing features, classifications, type of job, prices, addresses, schedules, advantages and data that the public need to know when it’s time to choose the best blood bank.

Research Team

Aleksandra Walton


She loves her job, a person with great creative spirit, a fighter, someone who is always looking to improve the medical development with the assisted reproduction technology in the exact area of gametes cryopreservation.

She has a vast work experience in cellular medicine, helping Latin America developing countries She worked in the African continent, to help combat Ebola.

She likes to collaborate with the affected families, she is in charge of the public umbilical cord tissues and blood stem cell banks, to help treat diseases.

Melissa Campos M B B S

Laboratory Manager

She in charge of maintaining the high-quality standard required in the lab to offer the best products for your baby and family: Among them, you can find the umbilical cord blood, and tissue, and placenta tissue banks, offering the best value for your money.

She studied to become a stem cell transplant doctor in the USA Cancer Research Center “Fred Hutchinson Seattle”.

Paula Mendoza M B B S

Laboratory and Research

Works at the blood bank in New England. There, the stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood are successfully processed and stored thanks to their experience, advanced technology, and ethical services.

She studied in the Department of Microbiology in a prestigious university Microbiology program.

Anna Anhembi M B B S

Website Editor – Strategic Market Planning

In charge of the web development of our website, including designing and coding, she is well versed in CMS, WordPress, PHP, and MySQL, among others. She also has marketing and strategic marketing skills.



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