Mesothelioma Treatment Options


Mesothelioma treatment is decided by the stage of cancer and the degree to which it has spread. For early stage cancers which are contained in the thorax can be totally or partially removed by surgical procedures such as thoracotomy, lobectomy, pleurectomy and extrapulmonary pneumonectomy.

This may potentially reduce the recurrence rates although overall survival is not affected. Some surgical procedures such as pleurectomy and pleurodesis can be used as a palliative option where indicated when the patient is not fit enough to undergo major procedures when “cancer” has spread to distant sites.

Mesothelioma treatment is aggressive cancer which develops from the mesothelium found in the lungs (pleura), heart and abdomen. Currently, there is no cure for this cancer but treatment is available to improve the prognosis and quality of life. The standard treatment mainly consists of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Some patients may also seek alternative therapy and experimental clinical trials. In most instances, a combination of these therapies with a multimodal approach is being used.


Adjuvant Treatment


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Radiotherapy can be used before or after the surgery as neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment. It is known to offer palliation in reducing chest pain and chest wall pain due to metastasis. Usually, external beam radiotherapy is used targeting the area of cancer. When used before the surgery to shrink the tumor, the survival rate can be higher. However, most of the other studies suggest that the evidence for survival rate with radiotherapy is poor. Radiotherapy is not used in every mesothelioma treatments; rather it is used sparingly for some selected types.

Chemotherapy involves giving cytotoxic drugs to keep the cancer cells from multiplying. A combination of drugs consisting platinum-based drugs, anthracycline, and alkylating agents are being used because they are proven to be the most effective drugs that are being used. Cisplatin, pemetrexed, bevacizumab, and gemcitabine are some of the chemotherapeutic agents that are used in combination.

Most chemotherapy is offered after surgery. But it can be used during the surgery in peritoneal mesothelioma treatments as heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy. This particular treatment method has improved the survival in about 4 years. However, the sick may choose not to undergo chemotherapy due to potential side effects. These persons need counseling to make them understand the risks versus benefits. They can be offered to administer the drugs intraperitoneally and intrathoracic as opposed to intravenous therapy.

The affected increasingly undergo clinical trials with varying efficacy. The persons can also use alternative medical methods such as acupuncture to relieve their pain when no other method works.

Mesothelioma Claims

Companies spend millions paying compensation, you can benefit.

This can be done as either personal injury mesothelioma claim by the patient himself or a wrongful death claim by the family members of the deceased victim. As mesothelioma can occur even after 20years of initial asbestos exposure, the affected can sue the company in question to seek some compensation. 

In a personal injury claim, you can hold the company responsible for the disease that you are suffering by ignoring the health risks and by putting the workers in danger. The plaintiff may also get quite a sum of money which can be used to pay for the expensive medical treatment and travel costs. Some of the surgeries may not be covered by the insurance and in order to pay for these and the compensation may be quite useful. The person can also claim for compensation for the loss of wages and pain and suffering experienced due to mesothelioma treatment.

Wrongful death claim can be done when the mesothelioma plaintiff dies while going to trial. The family members can get compensated after resubmitting the lawsuit and get compensated for the pain and suffering they have undergone, funeral expenses and for the loss of income because of the untimely death.

Compensation from Company

Bankruptcy claim is something the victims can get compensation from a company that has declared bankruptcy. These companies have a trust fund that can be used in compensating mesothelioma victims. These cases are not filed in the court of law but directly filed with the trust fund. The process of applying may be complicated as is the submission process. The involved need good assistance from a lawyer experienced in these cases to get the most compensation the affected can get as decided by the bankruptcy trust administrator.

Mesothelia claims can also be submitted to the US Department of veterans’ affairs if it is suspected that the asbestos exposure occurred while serving the country. The US Navy has been exposed to asbestos during world war II while building ships, barracks, and handling tools and machinery. The veterans can be compensated for their health care, disability, dependency, and indemnity.

Mesothelioma Attorney Assistance

Mesothelioma Attorney – Getting Assistance Legal – Mesothelioma Types

Mesothelioma attorneys are specialized in handling mesothelioma claims. They can assess the advantages and disadvantages of various legal options and give the involved the best method and file a case of mesothelioma on the affected behalf. Filing an asbestos claim requires details such as the duration of exposure, the type of exposure and the effect of asbestos exposure on the life of the victims.

The duration which you can file a claim varies from one state to another. This can vary as 1 year from diagnosis or death in Louisiana to 6 years in diagnosis. However, the time frame can change according to the type of the claim such as the wrongful death in Maine can only be claimed after 2 years of death.

Since this process is complicated, the mesothelioma attorney can help the patient in determining which company was responsible, whether it was due to direct exposure or due to secondary exposure from someone else. The eligibility of your claim can be assessed by mesothelioma attorneys and they can be of great assistance as they are updated on the current laws and have dealt with similar cases and are familiar with the asbestos producing companies. As each case is different, The legal options of the affected party may also be different. Some of the attorney assistance not only includes legal assistance, they also assist in choosing treatment options and assisting in getting disability benefits.

Mesothelioma Lawyer

The mesothelioma lawyer should be compassionate about the situation apart from being knowledgeable about the subject. Most of them don’t ask the affected to pay up front rather they take a percentage of the compensation if they win. Consultations are free and there are no legal charges against most of the reputable lawyers. There numerous mesothelioma treatment law firms out there.

Each of these stress-relieving, worries, and concerns. Some lawyers also offer support to the family on how to deal with the loss of a loved one and help with the emotional trauma. This is why an experienced lawyer with good recognition is needed for all the involved. Mesothelioma lawyer should have good investigative skills to research the old company records to search for companies and trace them to patient’s asbestos exposure.

The lawyer can bring lawsuits to companies, seek compensation and reach out of court settlements with the maximum amount of compensation that they can get. Usually, compensation from trust funds is lesser than court cases. Therefore selecting the best lawyer to handle the mesothelioma case is most important. The victim or the family members can do this by through research, good feedback from previous clients and case success rates.

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