Top Rated Cord Blood Banks

The fetal cord blood contains powerful stem cells and is obtained from the umbilical cord of the newborn immediately after birth. These cells are young and flexible unlike...

UK’s Largest Cord Blood Bank with Cells4life Stem Cells

Cells4Life is known as the UK’s largest and leading private cord blood bank. It was founded in 2002 and has 2 laboratories in the UK. It has more than 100 000 samples in storage with 8 of the cord blood samples currently released for treatment procedures. It also has released one cord tissue sample for treatment. It is considered the most innovative in the field of cord blood sample storage in the UK with 30 approved patents to vouch for.

Unlimited Stem Cells With Red Blood Cell

Recently Bristol University managed to create stem cells with illimited red globules, more effective than the ones gathered from blood banks, adapting to any necessity, in the wait of being used in humans. For this, they use grown stem cells to divide into massive form inside the organism and create red globules.

Bone Marrow transplant

An Allogeneic donor can be a compatible brother "but" it doesn't necessarily mean he/she has to be part of the family, it can be any donor with a similar genetic composition, it needs to be compatible. The success rates improve if the donor is your real brother because they share the same stem cells.



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