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The fetal cord blood contains powerful stem cells and is obtained from the umbilical cord of the newborn immediately after birth. These cells are young and flexible unlike the adult stem cells from the bone marrow.  Stem cells have a couple of medical benefits, baby blood is used during transplant because it does not pose any risk of complications. In fact, chord blood is often preferred during autologous transplantation where one’s stem cells are used for conditions that lack medical treatment. The umbilical cord is also used in treating dozens of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and genetic disorders among others. When used in early treatment, cord blood cells transplant can aid in minimizing disease progression.

This is the list of Top-Rated Cord Blood Banks, the full list of baby blood Banks you can find:

1. ViaCord From PerkinElmer

Viacord is known to be among the leading umbilical cord stem cell collection banks and of course, it is included in Top Rated Cord Blood Banks list. They have been providing the service for the last two decades. It prides with the highest treatment success rate of 88% in treating patients. They utilize courier shipping service in picking and delivering umbilical cord quickly and safely. In fact, their storage and processing facility are located in proximity to the Cincinnati International Airport for faster delivery. ViaCord uses the advanced security monitoring in analyzing changes in temperature and other safety issues to ensure that their remains safe. chord blood from ViaCord is ideal the best for family use particularly those with a history of diseases. Visit website.

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2. Cord Blood Registry (CBR)

Cord Blood Registry, This is another umbilical cord bank that collects, stores and processes baby blood stem cells. It is located in Tucson AZ and has its headquarters in San Bruno. It is known to be the top-rated world’s largest umbilical cord bank. They are well linked and are working in close association with the FDA in various clinical trials on the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells advantages. Their research is based on the treatment of life-threatening diseases such as cerebral palsy and autism. They also have the fastest transportation services with an average of 19 hours. Their highest cell recovery rate stands at 99% which makes them one of the best bank companies in the world. They have a vast laboratory of about 80,000 square foot. Families that just had a baby or an ailing member or with a history of diseases can find CBR a reliable company for baby blood bank storage and delivery. They carry full licensing and accreditation. Visit Website.

How much is blood cord banking

Best cord blood bank 2016

3. StemCyte

StemCyte, It has its headquarters in Covina CA is the best baby blood for transplant needs. It is the leading stem cells cryo cord blood that has given out over 2,000 transplant patients which is far much higher than any other private cord blood solution. It gives clients options to choose between private and public, being accredited with both AABB and FACT makes it one of the most reliable placental cord blood banks. They also offer a money back guarantee to patients in case of graft failures. Their pricing options are very competitive. how much is blood cord banking

4. CorCell

CorCell owns their lab for storing and processing blood cord, they have the reliable full-time customer support and offer free quotes to clients. Clients can negotiate on pricing on how much they are willing to pay monthly for cord blood transplant storage. Customers who may not be satisfied with their service are guaranteed for compensation. Visit website.

5. New England Cord Blood Bank

New-England-cord-blood-bank, Clients that use this blood bank can choose from the two delivery options i.e. FedEx and medical courier. They offer hassle-free access to families that want to store their blood with them. They use automated processing system in retrieving cord blood transplant stem cells hence faster and safe operations. New England offers a reward program of $100 for any customer that refers a friend to their bank. Families with a history of diseases or with an ailing member can choose this bank. Visit website.

6. M.A.Z.E

M.A.Z.E, for impressive medical experience with offer treatment for major medical problems such as male infertility and much more. They have the most experienced and trained medical staff, also assure their customer complete peace of mind through safety assurance, are specialized for processing and storing blood and tissue as well.  Have invested in advanced medical facilities that enable them to deliver the best quality medical options to their clients. They are in our Top Rated Cord Blood Banks list. Visit website.

7. Family Cord

FamilyCord for safe delivery, Family Cord uses medical courier service to transfer cord blood cells and tissue. Patients that require immediate special needs can get assistance from this bank. Their service is available worldwide. With the aid of video surveillance and multiple alarm systems, Family Cord is capable of delivering robust security protection to their cord blood stem cells. Newborn babies can register with the bank and get financial help for cord blood unit storage and processing as a present. Visit website.

8. AlphaCord

AlphaCord is well known for the provision of 24/7 blood cord bank service. They are accredited with AABB and registered with FDA to provide reliable placental cord blood banking service. Their medical courier service enables them to provide faster delivery services. They also have the best payment plans that clients can choose based on their budget needs. The company, therefore, remains reliable for most families around the world. Visit website.

9. Americord

Most clients prefer Americord due to their ability to provide highly customized cord blood treatment benefits and options. Their services are available at affordable prices. They have an exclusive proprietary technology that offers double cord blood extraction compared to the traditional means. Their $90,000 money back guarantee for graft failure adds confidence to their customers. They have the fastest courier delivery service that ensures prompt services. Americord is the ultimate choice for parents with genetic diseases and children born with birth defects and is in need of organ therapies. Best cord blood bank 2016Visit website


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