Umbilical Cord Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells Research

Few people know that mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue contain the new cure of the future, now the research is so deep that there are banks that store or store these tissues in storage and medical supervision. The parents are also interested in depositing them.Few people know that mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue contain the new cure of the future, now the research is so deep that there are banks that store or store these tissues in storage and medical supervision. The parents are also interested in depositing them.

Umbilical Cord Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Cord tissue can give a basically boundless wellspring of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells that can possibly be utilized as a part of an assortment of regenerative prescription and tissue designing applications. Stem cell treatment has turned into an inescapable arm of present-day pharmaceuticals. It cures the greatest number of sicknesses that were once considered as terminal now could be treated with different stem cells.

Cord tissue sections can be solidified and protected in fluid nitrogen for the drawn-out periods, having been solidified in time at the pinnacle of natural action. Cord tissue stem cells are fit for offering to ascend to different mesenchymal and non-mesenchymal cell heredities including ligament, bone, neurons, and fat. Consequently, umbilical cord tissue stem cells are the possibility to create stem cell-based treatments for a wide assortment of ailments including orthopedic, cardiovascular, the ophthalmic and neurological applications.

The present examination has utilized a basic strategy in particular ‘the explant method’. This method is to create MSCs from the Wharton’s Jelly. The Cord tissue is right now being utilized as a part of a few regenerative drugs clinical investigations, cases of which incorporate treatment of uniting of infection and non-mending bone cracks.

Cord tissue speaks to an extra wellspring of stem cells that have both prompt and future applications for the individual giver. Cord tissue is an effective treatment source for the wellspring of Mesenchymal stem cells. This is extracted from the birth procedure.

Umbilical cord tissue type

When it comes to the cord tissue, there are two major types. With a number of variations, the research also becomes very easy. With these two tissues, there is another tissue as well. Here, we will look into all three tissues with their purpose and importance.

The placenta tissue


First, one is placenta tissue. This is an advanced type of stem cell research. These contain a high amount of blood-forming or generating cells with mesenchymal stem cells. With these two cell combinations, the placenta tissue contains endothelial progenitors. These tissues should be stored at low temperature to keep them alive for many numbers of days. These tissues are very helpful in regenerative medicines and therapeutic science. These have a high amount of mesenchymal stem cells.

Cord tissue

These are tissues from the cord and have a high amount of mesenchymal stem cells like placenta cells. They too can have long life and impact if they are stored in the cold or very low temperature. These also include it does not contain any blood in it. The valve varies from MSC count of 10000 to MSC/ml to 4,500,000 MSC/cm.

Cord blood and external tissue

Cord blood consists of all the blood. They are also very effective in stem cell research. The blood is collected at the peripheral tissue. This is the place, where I generate blood for muscle tissue.

Cord Tissue Drug Testing

Identify pre-birth presentation to drugs in cord tissue for the newborn children. The indications or the symptoms to suggest tests are as follows.

Born to mothers with following issues need drug testing

  • Proof of the drug utilizing side effects, for instance, the neonatal forbearance sort of disorder.
  • High-chance mother with the history of sex laborer, drug utilize sexually transmitted contamination.
  • Unexplained placental suddenness or untimely work conceived with Unexplained neurological difficulties.
  • No, little or very less prenatal care.
  • Unexpected intrauterine development impediment.

Essential drug test includes following procedures

  • Qualitative identification of the drugs and its metabolites.
  • Detect and archive maternal drug use amid roughly at the last few days of the full term proper birth.
  • Confirmation testing for the most part not required just because of the expository specificity.
  • Alternative form of the meconium screening.

After this process, the patient should go with following screening method to check and detect the issues in umbilical cord tissue.

  • Timely discovery of the inside utero drug introduction is basic for successful administration of withdrawal disorders. Moreover, it needs long-haul mending and the medicinal help for the uncovered neonates.
  • The identification of any drug totally relies upon factors like the measure of the maternal drug utilized.

Umbilical Cord Tissue Storage

The gathering and capacity of cord tissue when an infant is conceived is winding up progressively normal. The reason is that the cells contained in the cord tissue have the restorative incentive for the treatment of cord issue and insusceptible maladies. Cord blood has been utilized as a part of transplant pharmaceutical since 1980’s and, in the course of the most recent 20 years, this movement has developed quickly.

Cord tissue transplantation in youngsters has comparative or better survival looked at than transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells from different sources, and results for grown-ups keep on improving. Lately, various umbilical cord tissue donation centers offering families to store the cord tissue of their infants for conceivable future private uses and in return for generous charges have risen.

Guardians are these days confronting the difficulty of utilizing these private administrations, giving their cord blood for open utilize or disposing of it after birth. Parents are nowadays facing the dilemma of using these private services, donating their cord blood for public use or discarding it after birth.

You can store these cord tissues in Public use banks or Family use banks. Public use banks help everyone and the family use bank will only help you and your family members. There are many advantages of storing these cord tissues in the bank because they will help you in the treatment of Alzheimer, cancers, Parkinson, injuries etc.

Cord Tissue Processing

Before the start of cryopreservation, stem cells are extracted from the tissue. To achieve this extraction, you need enzymatic digestion. In most of the cases, this processing method makes the umbilical cord tissue stem cell ineligible for further usage. This method is best in most of the places. The lack of regulation by FDA to approve these processes is the main cause of improper processing of umbilical cord.

One of the preferred methods to process umbilical cord tissue starts with collecting approximately five-six inches of chord during the time of birth. This is achieved by OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology). The process begins to cut the cord and then store the blood after the cord out, and you can have the placenta. That section can be Cryopreserved.

It is the most flexible way to save the cord tissue stem cells in the natural environment for future use.There exists a Proprietary technique called “Explant”. It is a non-enzymatic technique. The Revival Cell cultures the tissues in natural condition. It gives the best yield of highly viable cells. This process is widely used for effective therapeutic applications. In this method, the efficiency of umbilical cord processing can reach its maximum potential.

Cord Tissue Research

With the help of umbilical cord blood stem cells, the first human transplant was done around 25 years ago. During that period cord, blood stem cells could treat only one disease. Recent days, cord blood stem cells are used in the treating 80 diseases. Recent progress in the research has few more diseases to the list.

Umbilical cord tissue research suggests that stem cells from the cord tissue have the perfect ability to easily regenerate the other cells.  It can also generate structural and connective tissue. Many dreams to cure diseases is the reason behind the discovery of medical applications for cord stem cells. All over the world, around 35,000 cord blood transplants are performed. This contribution has cleared the therapeutic value.

Regenerative medicine is one of the new possibilities from cord blood stem cells. Many great scientific minds continue to make this research existing by contributing mind-boggling ideas.

Recently, the research community has come across a special stem cell type or Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). This is abundant in Umbilical cord tissue. It is classified as a highly capable cell followed with great therapeutic potential.

Umbilical Cord Tissue Cryopreservation

Umbilical cord tissue is properly Cryo-preserved in the natural environment. Whenever there is a demand for its use, these stem cord cells are extracted. The mesenchymal stromal cell is one of the promising cell-based internal transplantation. It is best in regenerative medicine and its uses. MSCs is harvested from Wharton’s jelly (WJ). It is very important to store the cord. This can be achieved from the practical cryopreservation process.

If cryopreservation is successful, it is possible to access cord from that donor. This donation process has application for jelly MSC-based proper transplantations. It is best for the therapeutic applications, to should obtain clinically quality and the quantity of the cells from these cryopreserved cord tissues.

One of the studies suggests optimizing a serum less combination of ten percent of dimethyl sulfoxide and the 0.2 M sucrose for the cryopreserving the cord tissue. The methods like slow freezing method and then rapid thawing are followed in cryopreservation. From cryopreserved cord, the WJ is perfect to harvest MSCs. It can undergo fast expansion. The ability to differentiate into mesodermal lineages.

Tolerant of Tissue Mismatches

Cryopreservation preserves cord stem cells and made available when needed. The cord stem cells, which are preserved, are considered as best tolerant of tissue mismatches. They also show rare cases of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). Preserving cord stem cells also help to decrease the risk of transmitting the viral infections.

Umbilical cord tissue cryopreservation gives the ability for cord stem cells to cross the blood-brain barrier. It can also make a way to differentiate the neuron and other brain cells. This is instrumental in treating brain disorders. Cryopreservation preserves many other cell types. It can preserve perivascular cells, mesenchymal stem cell, growth factors endothelial cells, and the proteins, and epithelial cells for future therapies. Cord tissue can be stored up to six vials so that independent samples can be used at some different times.


US FDA Registration food and drug

What is FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration)

FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for the safety of the food, medical products, and devices for humans and animals. It is under the US department of health and human services. Among the things that are regulated by the FDA includes; food safety, tobacco products, medications, vaccines, blood transfusions, dietary supplements, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices, veterinary products, and cosmetics.

Registration of food

The most of the US food supply is being monitored by the FDA. It is the responsibility of the FDA to protect the health of the public by ensuring the safety of the food supply. Apart from food, FDA also regulates food additives, dietary supplements, and added substances. It oversees whether food is hygienic, properly labeled, safe and wholesome for human consumption. FDA regulates all types of food except meat, poultry, and eggs which are regulated by the US Department of agriculture. All imported food to the United States is also subjected to FDA regulation. Their labels must be truthful and stated in English. FDA should also be given prior notice before shipping imported food.

Registration of food facilities

If someone wants to start a food establishment, one has to fulfill many requirements. All the facilities that are involved in the manufacturing, processing, packaging and holding food for human or animal consumption are required to be registered in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Some of the special regulatory requirements may be needed in some of the food items such as seafood, juice or low acid canned food. It is recommended to discuss the specific food products with the FDA district office and state and local regulatory bodies in order to identify the regulations regarding the food before applying for registration. If the food establishment is only catering to the local area (home based business) and not importing food across the states, it may not need registration. But if it sells products online and shipping products across states, it needs FDA registration.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are regulated according to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Although FDA regulates both supplements and their ingredients, the manufacturers and distributors are not required to obtain prior approval from the FDA before marketing these products. However, the firm that markets these products are responsible for its safety and they may be liable if any claims were made against the product by a consumer.

Registration of drugs

All the drugs including over the counter, generic drugs, and prescription drugs are regulated by the Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Kinds of toothpaste, antiperspirants, and dandruff shampoos are also regarded as drugs and included in this section. The registration of these different types of drugs is different. The following section gives an overview of how they are being registered through different pathways.

New prescription drugs

The new drugs must be tested thoroughly before applying for FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration) use laboratory, animal, and human models. A new drug is something made by a different manufacturer, uses different ingredients or if used for a different purpose. If the drug is a completely new one, the molecular basis of the drug also has to be established. Its efficacy and safety must be clearly defined for the disease that the drug is aimed to treat. The new drug is accepted through an application called New Drug Application or a Biologics License Application if the drug is made of biologic materials. The application usually includes the test results of the drug, manufacturing information and the proposed label including possible risks and how to use it. A drug is approved if it is effective and safe when used as instructed. However, there are some exceptions to this procedure if the condition that is being treated has no other effective treatments. This is seen in rare diseases when clinical trials take more time.

Generic drugs

Are the approved brand-name drugs’ chemical equivalents. Because the brand name drugs have already shown the safety and effectiveness, generic drugs do not have to be tested for their effectiveness and safety. But the generic drug should be the same as an already approved drug. These generic drugs are approved under the ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Application).

Over the counter drugs

These drugs can be purchased by a person without a prescription. They have been found to be safe and appropriate to be taken without a doctor’s supervision. These drugs can be legally marketed without FDA application following OTC drug monograph which contains the ingredients and formulations that should be included in the drug.

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Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Mesothelioma treatment is decided by the stage of cancer and the degree to which it has spread. For early stage cancers which are contained in the thorax can be totally or partially removed by surgical procedures such as thoracotomy, lobectomy, pleurectomy and extrapulmonary pneumonectomy.

This may potentially reduce the recurrence rates although overall survival is not affected. Some surgical procedures such as pleurectomy and pleurodesis can be used as a palliative option where indicated when the patient is not fit enough to undergo major procedures when “cancer” has spread to distant sites.

Mesothelioma treatment is aggressive cancer which develops from the mesothelium found in the lungs (pleura), heart and abdomen. Currently, there is no cure for this cancer but treatment is available to improve the prognosis and quality of life. The standard treatment mainly consists of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Some patients may also seek alternative therapy and experimental clinical trials. In most instances, a combination of these therapies with a multimodal approach is being used.


Adjuvant Treatment


Mesothelioma Symptoms – Shortness of Breath – Blood in the sputum

Radiotherapy can be used before or after the surgery as neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment. It is known to offer palliation in reducing chest pain and chest wall pain due to metastasis. Usually, external beam radiotherapy is used targeting the area of cancer. When used before the surgery to shrink the tumor, the survival rate can be higher. However, most of the other studies suggest that the evidence for survival rate with radiotherapy is poor. Radiotherapy is not used in every mesothelioma treatments; rather it is used sparingly for some selected types.

Chemotherapy involves giving cytotoxic drugs to keep the cancer cells from multiplying. A combination of drugs consisting platinum-based drugs, anthracycline, and alkylating agents are being used because they are proven to be the most effective drugs that are being used. Cisplatin, pemetrexed, bevacizumab, and gemcitabine are some of the chemotherapeutic agents that are used in combination.

Most chemotherapy is offered after surgery. But it can be used during the surgery in peritoneal mesothelioma treatments as heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy. This particular treatment method has improved the survival in about 4 years. However, the sick may choose not to undergo chemotherapy due to potential side effects. These persons need counseling to make them understand the risks versus benefits. They can be offered to administer the drugs intraperitoneally and intrathoracic as opposed to intravenous therapy.

The affected increasingly undergo clinical trials with varying efficacy. The persons can also use alternative medical methods such as acupuncture to relieve their pain when no other method works.

Mesothelioma Claims

Companies spend millions paying compensation, you can benefit.

This can be done as either personal injury mesothelioma claim by the patient himself or a wrongful death claim by the family members of the deceased victim. As mesothelioma can occur even after 20years of initial asbestos exposure, the affected can sue the company in question to seek some compensation. 

In a personal injury claim, you can hold the company responsible for the disease that you are suffering by ignoring the health risks and by putting the workers in danger. The plaintiff may also get quite a sum of money which can be used to pay for the expensive medical treatment and travel costs. Some of the surgeries may not be covered by the insurance and in order to pay for these and the compensation may be quite useful. The person can also claim for compensation for the loss of wages and pain and suffering experienced due to mesothelioma treatment.

Wrongful death claim can be done when the mesothelioma plaintiff dies while going to trial. The family members can get compensated after resubmitting the lawsuit and get compensated for the pain and suffering they have undergone, funeral expenses and for the loss of income because of the untimely death.

Compensation from Company

Bankruptcy claim is something the victims can get compensation from a company that has declared bankruptcy. These companies have a trust fund that can be used in compensating mesothelioma victims. These cases are not filed in the court of law but directly filed with the trust fund. The process of applying may be complicated as is the submission process. The involved need good assistance from a lawyer experienced in these cases to get the most compensation the affected can get as decided by the bankruptcy trust administrator.

Mesothelia claims can also be submitted to the US Department of veterans’ affairs if it is suspected that the asbestos exposure occurred while serving the country. The US Navy has been exposed to asbestos during world war II while building ships, barracks, and handling tools and machinery. The veterans can be compensated for their health care, disability, dependency, and indemnity.

Mesothelioma Attorney Assistance

Mesothelioma Attorney – Getting Assistance Legal – Mesothelioma Types

Mesothelioma attorneys are specialized in handling mesothelioma claims. They can assess the advantages and disadvantages of various legal options and give the involved the best method and file a case of mesothelioma on the affected behalf. Filing an asbestos claim requires details such as the duration of exposure, the type of exposure and the effect of asbestos exposure on the life of the victims.

The duration which you can file a claim varies from one state to another. This can vary as 1 year from diagnosis or death in Louisiana to 6 years in diagnosis. However, the time frame can change according to the type of the claim such as the wrongful death in Maine can only be claimed after 2 years of death.

Since this process is complicated, the mesothelioma attorney can help the patient in determining which company was responsible, whether it was due to direct exposure or due to secondary exposure from someone else. The eligibility of your claim can be assessed by mesothelioma attorneys and they can be of great assistance as they are updated on the current laws and have dealt with similar cases and are familiar with the asbestos producing companies. As each case is different, The legal options of the affected party may also be different. Some of the attorney assistance not only includes legal assistance, they also assist in choosing treatment options and assisting in getting disability benefits.

Mesothelioma Lawyer

The mesothelioma lawyer should be compassionate about the situation apart from being knowledgeable about the subject. Most of them don’t ask the affected to pay up front rather they take a percentage of the compensation if they win. Consultations are free and there are no legal charges against most of the reputable lawyers. There numerous mesothelioma treatment law firms out there.

Each of these stress-relieving, worries, and concerns. Some lawyers also offer support to the family on how to deal with the loss of a loved one and help with the emotional trauma. This is why an experienced lawyer with good recognition is needed for all the involved. Mesothelioma lawyer should have good investigative skills to research the old company records to search for companies and trace them to patient’s asbestos exposure.

The lawyer can bring lawsuits to companies, seek compensation and reach out of court settlements with the maximum amount of compensation that they can get. Usually, compensation from trust funds is lesser than court cases. Therefore selecting the best lawyer to handle the mesothelioma case is most important. The victim or the family members can do this by through research, good feedback from previous clients and case success rates.

Malign Pleural Mesothelioma result of contamination

Mesothelioma Types


Breast Cancer a worrisome disease

Let’s talk about Breast Cancer

In the disease universe, there is something for everyone. And one of the most devastating diseases is the breast cancer, with a high mortality rate and cases in the world. Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of a type of cell, named cancerous cell. These can cause the apparition of tumors inside many organs in the body. These tumors, in the long run, could release more of these cells to the body. This is called metastasis, the cause of the grand majority of the deaths.

There is a lot of type of cancers, usually named by the organ in which they grow. Like lung cancer, pancreas cancer, liver cancer or stomach cancer. Cancer can grow at any age and doesn’t distinguish between men and women, or even race.

It’s the same for all of us, and if it isn’t treated in time the effects can be devastating, even death can occur.

There are some types of cancer exclusive to each gender. This type of cancer attacks one gender or the other. For example, testicular cancer can only grow in men, same for the prostate cancer, ovary and uterus cancer can only grow in women. Not a long time ago, there was a type of cancer that everyone thought it only grew inside women. We are talking about breast cancer. It creates a huge tumor in women of all ages. But for men, this could be a worrisome disease too, because even if they don’t possess big breasts, they can also get the disease.

Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment

Like in any disease, the detection and treatment of time could improve your chances of living. And this is vital for any kind of cancer. But in the case of breast cancer, the process of detecting it is quite simple, because it can be done with your hand. We all have seen the public “touch you” ads. This is an invitation to combat breast cancer. Something so simple as just touching your breasts while taking a bath could be the difference between a successful cancer treatment and one that could end in death.

We don’t have this advantage in other types of cancer, their detection could be more complicated and in some cases, quite embarrassing. Like with leukemia which requires extensive, expensive and painful lab tests. Or prostate cancer, a type of cancer all men fear, not for the disease itself, but for the method of detection.

Then, by having this advantage, we need to learn what symptoms to find to avoid any future problems and start an early treatment. The first thing to do is, find any lumps on the breasts. These can feel like small golf balls. Doesn’t matter the size, if you find one, go to the doctor immediately, he/she should send you to a specialist for a checkup.

This specialized doctor will take care in identifying if this lump is just a benign cyst, easily trainable or a growing tumor. Like we said before, the main characteristic of this cancer is the formation of tumors or lumps in the zone where they are located. After this, they could expand to other zones in the body, after this process starts, it’s quite difficult to stop. Meaning, as soon as you detect a small lump, go to a doctor immediately to start treatment. The sooner, the better.

Another symptom would be an itching sensation inside the breasts. We are not trying to say, that if you feel itchy is reason enough to go to the doctor. But in the weird cases the itch doesn’t stop after scratching or taking a bath, then it would be a good idea to go to the doctor and get an evaluation.

Breast Cancer signs

Swelling and skin reddening are common signs of breast cancer. This should be taken seriously. Nipple secretion and inverted nipples could be signs too. The inflammation of the lymph nodes could also be a sign of a presence of a type of cancer in the body, should go to the doctor for a check-up.

Through the years, there have been many campaigns to raise breast cancer awareness. Considering it is a very common cancer, claiming several lives through the tears, usually many of them women. It’s a commonly commented disease in media, they want to raise awareness, about the symptoms and effects. But the most important thing to do is to teach how easy it is to detect it, and how important it is to treat it on time.

October is the world’s breast cancer awareness month. A month full of mediatic coverage to raise awareness for the prevention and detection of this dangerous disease. A month to educate people, each and every one of them, especially women.

That the difference between life and death could be a simple message about the detection. More than a campaign to eradicate this type of cancer, because, let’s be honest, this is not a cure. This is a campaign to up the number of people who successfully beat cancer and how they can live a normal life after treatments.

Is not as common, but this type of cancer can affect men too. So it’s important to raise awareness among men too. Eradicate this male preconception that this is a female disease.

It is quite important to raise awareness about the aftermath too, what happens if I survived this type of cancer but it wasn’t detected on time? Even the cancer treatments have evolved over the years. Usually, the use of radiation is required to kill this cancerous cells. This will reduce the tumor size and probably make it disappear. In cases where the tumor was too big to make it disappear, then an extirpation operation is required. In the breast cancer cases, the full removal of the breast could be required.

Breasts are Extirpated

In some cases, both breasts are extirpated and this one of women’s worst fears, and it completely understandable. Because, for women, the breasts are a sign of their femininity. Their mother’s breastfed them once and on their own, they fed their own children too.

This is only considering only the aesthetic and reproductive side. Nowadays, breasts are considered very sensual, and this is vital for many women’s image. That’s why there are campaigns focused on this side of the treatment, how they can live a normal life after an operation, with their family’s and friend’s support. Letting them know, that this isn’t the end of the road. On the contrary, living with a tumor could really spell the end of their road.

Remember, the difference between a treated patient and one without salvation is, the time it took to start the treatment. In cancer’s case this is vital, and if the possibility to start this battle is in your hands, then take the first step!.

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Malign Pleural Mesothelioma result of contamination


Most common cancer according to the American Cancer Society

Most Common Cancer

An analysis of the American Cancer Society made a ranging of “Most common cancer” looking for the most frequent cancers in the population. The Cancer is the multiplication of abnormal cells who disseminate without control, surpassing normal cells, creating tumors affecting many of the internal organs, unlike normal cells who grow and die in a set period of time, these cancerous cells multiply and live almost for an indefinitely amount of time and they don’t always generate tumors like in Leukemia (blood cancer) also named neoplasias.

A survey done by the American Cancer Society reveals alarming health data, more than 40000 cases of cancers are considered common or frequent.

Pancreas Cancer

Within of most common cancer is the Pancreas almost imperceptible and kills silently, with the 4th highest mortality rate in the world, and the number keeps growing, because it is really hard to detect, like any other neoplasias. Grows in the pancreatic node, frequently affecting (in the 92% of the cases) the exocrine nodes, creating tumors in the process.

This silent disease shows no signs of pain and is one of the most common types of cancer in the world.


  • Abdominal pain
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Blood coagulation in the legs
  • Digestive disorders
  • Depression
  • Frailty

Colon Cancer

Also, another disease of most common cancer is located in the stomach cavity causing the eating disorder. Part of the digestive system starts in the large intestine (colon) and ends in the anal rectum (final part of the colon).

Shows some symptomatic signs in the abdomen, the change in the fecal matter consistency can be used to detect this type of cancer, by looking any blood signs in the stools.

Important:  All asymptomatic cancers are the most common and lead to the death of millions of people precisely because they do not show symptoms.

Colon polyps are the group of cells who are formed in the internal tissue of the intestinal canal, forming a mucosa (adenocarcinomas) in the form of broccoli Not all polyps are cancerous but some doctors recommend removing them completely with an electro-metallic wire, just to be sure.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a cellular mutation which starts multiplying below the bladder. It’s a slow-growing type of cancer, most commonly found in Afro-American men over 50 and in men over 70.


It is a carcinoma of the prostatic adenocarcinomas group (ADC), encompassing the external secretion node, covers the 95% prostate cancer.


Also known as “blood cancer” is the deformation of the hematopoietic stem cells thanks to the absence of white cells in the bone marrow, forming leukemia.


Bone Marrow Leukemia

The damage begins inside the bone marrow, this is where the stem cells, red globules, and platelets are formed, also known as the “blood factory”, located inside the marrow, in form of fat.

Leukemia and derivatives

  • Acute info blastic leukemia (AIL). the kid’s disease, it creates excessive numbers of lymphocytes without reaching maturity, swelling of the bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic tissues.
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) an overproduction of granulocytes, creating an excessive amount of white globules and it stops the creating of blood cells inside the bone marrow.
  • Chronic  Lymphocyte Leukemia. The bone marrow produces an excessive number of lymphocytes B, the ones in charge of defending the body against acute infections.
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (LMA). Quite common in grown men and women, the most common of Leukemias with a 45%. The unmeasured growth of myeloblasts.


Malign Pleural Mesothelioma Result of Contamination

Asbestos Contamination

Malign Pleural Mesothelioma is the result of an asbestos contamination and it’s diagnosed with a biopsy, the patient’s present pain in the chest and thorax.

also known as (MPM) Malign Pleural Mesothelioma is a type of cancer of the thoracic tissue which covers the lungs, formed by the inhalation of asbestos. Patients who have this disease show painful sensation in the chest and thorax.  This disease is located in the pleura, containing malign cells, forming a tumor tissue.

Malign Pleural Mesothelioma Diagnosis

The first diagnosis is done by touching the affecting area, looking for any signs, also by giving some information about the food you ate recently, all these to have a quick routine diagnosis.

  • Computerized Tomography of the thorax, these are computerized images which reflect axial images, internal organs, blood vessels, respiratory tracts, lungs, and thorax.
  • Doing a biopsy to find the cancer process with the pathologist in charge of analyzing this cells with a microscope.
  • An open biopsy is done with local anesthesia, the patient will be aware of the procedure, this should be done by a specialized surgeon.
  • In the Laparoscopic biopsy, a small incision is done to introduce a needle with a camera, this will help guide the doctor in the extraction of a sample.
  • The Thoracoscopy is a noninvasive surgery, by insertion through the intercostal spaces of the thoracic cavity on the chest.
  • The Thoracotomy surgery is done in the diagnosis of the chronic obstructive lung disease. Entering through the esophagus and windpipe.
  • Peritoneoscopy Incision, the peritoneum is a membrane which covers the abdominal cavity, doing a visual illustrative test of the peritoneum cavity in the internal layer or visceral peritoneum.

Tissue Tests

The IHC immunohistochemistry is the procedure of coloration with ink injected via intravenous and through the tissue to find cellular proteins, this radioactive substance will help find any cancerous activity.

The cytology evaluation is analyzed by the pathologist observing the extracted liquid and the pleural membrane to find any cancerous cells.

Analyzing it through an electronic microscope, it is a modern machine, quite different to normal microscopes, reaching higher zooming options, thanks to the use of long wave electrodes, showing dimensional figures with a 3 by 20nm resolution.

Recuperation Prognosis

Advance stage of cancer, size of the affected cancerous tumor, age, gender, hemoglobin blood test, physical state, the quantity of pleural liquid and anemic state. At this time, family support is quite helpful.

Treatment for the Malign Pleural Mesothelioma

There are several available treatments in 2018, with a timely done analysis with a biopsy, a thoracoscopy surgery can be done. Also, chemotherapy treatment is recommended, with pleurodesis, followed by an internal radiotherapy.

Pleurectomy Surgery

The surgeon removes it from the pleural fibrous covering the lung’s tumor. In more complex cases, the lung will be removed in its entirety.